International Passenger Ship Operators

Ship Operators Information
Cargo : Tel) 032-891-5555 / Fax) 032-891-4231
Passenger : Tel) 032-891-5858 / Fax) 032-891-5353
  • About Pan Korea Yingkou Ferry Co., Ltd.
    • Pan Korea Yingkou Ferry is a Korean-Chinese joint venture established by its major shareholders, Yingkou Port Group in China and Pan Korea Merchant Marine in Korea. Each shareholder of the company is responsible for unloading, shipping and agent affairs, striving to provide the highest quality customer service through building a solid foundation of cooperation. Since the official opening of the Incheon-Yingkou route on January 4, 2003, we have served as a bridge for transporting cargo and passengers to the metropolitan area of Korea and northeastern China while contributing to promoting people-to-people exchanges and friendship between the two countries.
    • Providing Incheon ↔ Yingkou service twice a week
    • Located at the heart of Shenyang (180 km) and Dalian (150 km), the central cities of Liaoning Province
    • Providing maritime cargo services for northeastern China with the utmost speed and accuracy at affordable fares
  • Route and Room fare information
    Sea Route Time of Departure/Arrival Fare Number of Cabins
    One-way Round-trip
    Incheon → Yingkou Tue 24:00 / Thu 03:00
    Sat 12:00 / Sun 14:00
    ROY ₩220,000
    SUI ₩150,000
    1ST ₩130,000
    NOR ₩115,000
    ROY ₩352,000
    SUI ₩240,000
    1ST ₩208,000
    NOR ₩184,000
    Yingkou → Incheon Mon 13:00 / Tue 16:00
    Thu 13:00 / Fri 16:00
    * The above costs are subject to change.(Apart from terminal fees, taxes, fuel surcharges)

Passenger ship information

    Name of Vessel ARAFURA LILY
    Tonnage 12,304 TON(International Tonnage)
    Speed 17 KNOTS
    Passenger Capacity 394 people
    Container Capacity 228 TEU
    Cabin Class Normal Room / 1ST Class / SUI Class / Royal Class
    Amenities Karaoke, Restaurant, Swimming pool, Duty-free shops, Cinemas, Snack bars, etc.
    Duty-free goods Tobacco, Liquor, Cosmetics, accessories and many other luxury goods
  • Cabin information
    • 1ST Class(1st Room)
      1ST Class consists of 4-person and group rooms, which are available at an affordable price for student backpacking and group training trips.
    • SUI Class(Luxury Room)
      SUI Class consists of 4 and 6-person rooms, and offers a comfortable trip at an affordable price.
    • ROY Class(VIP Room)
      Roy Class consists of only 2-person rooms and is designed to make your trip even more luxurious and cozy.
  • Amenities
    • Restaurant
      Enjoy a delicious and enjoyable meal with fresh ingredients.
    • Cinema
      Relieve the boredom of long trips with the latest movies.
    • Swimming pool
      Enjoy the cool summer in the pool on board.
    • Sickbay
    • Duty-free shop
      Another joy of traveling abroad! Make your trip pleasant with a relaxing and affordable shopping experience.

Port of call travel information

  • About Yingkou Bayuquanqu Tourism
    • Wangershan Mountain
      A popular tourist destination in Yingkou province with a story similar to the legend of The Mangbuseok in Korea.
    • Shenyang Palace
      A UNESCO world heritage site, a Qing dynasty palace in Shenyang.
    • Ice lanterns
      A large-scale ice festival held in Harbin City every year in early January.
    • Baekdusan Mountain
      Baekdusan Mountain serves as spiritual support for the Korean and shows majestic sceneries. Yeongsan has been spotted as a ski attraction by tourists recently. Myriad ruins of the Gwanggaeto Stele and Janggun-chong are also recommended to explore.
    • Tanggangzi Hot Spring
      Anshan(Liaoning)'s famous hot spring was a favorite site of Chinese emperors in the past.