Services for Transportation-Disadvantaged Groups

Preferential Card and Fast-Track Departure Service

  • (Fast-track departure service) Issuance of a preferential card and operation of a fast-track departure gate
    • (How to use) Request the issuance of a preferential card at the ticket office and present it to the security guard or ship operator staff to receive fast-track departure service for transportation-disadvantaged people and those accompanying them.
  • (Entry and departure assistance) We offer wheelchairs and assistance for the entire entry and departure procedures for transportation-disadvantaged people.
    • (How to use) Please book this service in advance with the information desk(032-570-6114)If assistance is requested on the same day, a waiting time may be required.

Wheelchair and Crutch Rental Service

  • Wheelchair and crutch rental service is provided at the information desk on the second floor and by the guidance staff members in the arrivals hall.
Wheelchair and Crutch Rental Service(F2)

Transportation and Parking

  • (Parking area for people with disabilities) Parking Lot 2 (for customers and short-term parking vehicles) and 29 spaces near Gate A
Transportation and Parking(F1)
  • (Parking fee discount) A 50% discount is offered on regular parking fees for people with disabilities when presenting documentary evidence (not valid with any other discount).

Restrooms for People with Disabilities

Restrooms for People with Disabilities