Parking Fees

Classification Small vehicles Large vehicles
First 30 minutes Free Free
For every 15 minutes after 30 minutes ₩500 ₩750
Daily rate (per 24 hours) ₩10,000 ₩15,000
Long-term rate (per month) ₩100,000 ₩150,000
  • Same all year round
  • Discount applied to the long-term rate for staff members of resident companies and private vehicles of public officials
  • 50% discount on regular parking fees for compact cars, low-pollution vehicles, eco-friendly vehicles, people with disabilities, citizens of national merit, and families with multiple children (not valid with any other discount)

Parking Lots

Parking lots for large and small vehicles
  • 1. 1st Parking lot(for large vehicles):52 cars
  • 2. 2nd Parking lot(for large vehicles):85 cars
  • 3. Parking lot for small vehicles : 36 cars
  • 4. Parking area for peoples with disabilities : 7 cars

For inquiries

  • Staff member in charge : 032-570-6180