Application for Terminal Filming

How to apply : Submit a filming approval request application and required documents to Incheon Port Facilities Management Center

Documents to be submitted 1. One copy of the Incheon Port (Non-security Area) filming permit application(Attachment)
2. One copy of Personal Information Collection and Use Consent (Attachment)
3. A copy of a business license (for a businessperson)

Filming Conditions

  • 1. The security area in the port is not allowed to be filmed and only facilities in non-security area can be accessed for filming.
  • 2. The application must be submitted to the Incheon Port Facilities Management Center before filming.
  • 3. When filming, you must follow the instructions given by the staff of the Incheon Port Facilities Management Center.
  • 4. The facilities that are prohibited to be filmed and the status of the entire facilities shall not be exposed.
  • 5. Filming shall be done only within the permitted facilities.
  • 6. The filmed materials must not be used for any purpose other than the intended original purpose.
  • 7. Loud noise in the waiting area is prohibited while filming.
  • 8. Acts causing noise such as singing together are not permitted.
※ Inquiries related to filming: 032-570-6025(Incheon Port Facilities Management Center)
※ Inquiries related to filming a security area: 032-890-0742(Port Management Team, Incheon Port Authority)